The Birdhouse, Or by Jamie Dopp
The Birdhouse, Or,
Poems, 2002
The Birdhouse,Or is Jamie's second collection of poems. The long title poem is a ten-part account of building a birdhouse with his sons. There is also a section of elegies for his friend Ed Williams, who died in 1999, as well as a section of teaching poems (poems about teaching and politics). The last poem, "Sonny Speaks to Me From Beyond Grave," is a language-poem experiment that weaves together fragments from tabloid magazines, Jacques Derrida and others.


On the Other Hand by Jamie Dopp
On the Other Hand
Poems, 1996
On the Other Hand is Jamie's first collection of poems. The middle section of this book is a poem sequence about the birth of his first son. The last section, "Singing in Public," contains a number of poems about history and politics.


Poetry Interviews

Prospects Unknown by Jamie DoppIf you're interested in learning more about Jamie's poetry and his views on poetry, here are two interviews: CanLit Poets On-Line. Canadian Literature. 2009. http://canlitpoets.ca. Includes the text of "Thumbing It."

"Productive Differences: Three Poets in e-mail Conversation." With Scott Ellis and Tim Lilburn. The New Quarterly 14.4 (Winter 1995): 26-44.