Jamie Dopp - Fiction

One Word by Jamie Dopp
Little Fish - 2011
Little Fish is told in the voice of 47-year-old woman encountered by an unidentified other parent in a childrens' swimming pool. The woman is explaining how she has come into the care of the baby she is with. Her life-story, as it unfolds, is both comic and tragic, and she tells its horrific events with a movingly persistent optimism. The story won First Prize for Fiction in the 2011 GritLIT Literary Competition. The winning entries were published in this chapbook as a fundraiser to support the Hamilton Literary Festival.
Prairie Fire by Jamie Dopp
Opening Night - 2002
Opening Night is a coming of age story set in Ontario in the 1970s. Three friends ride the back roads from Waterloo to Elora in a 1969 Plymouth named Beulah. They become airborne over a poorly constructed bridge with frightening consequences.
Prospects Unknown by Jamie Dopp
Prospects Unknown is a literary thriller in the tradition of The Name of the Rose, The Telling of Lies, and The French Lieutenant's Woman. It offers a compelling detective story alongside a witty meditation on the relationship between fiction and reality.
Prospects Unknown:
A Mystery with a Difference - 2000