The Birdhouse, Or by Jamie Dopp

Now is the Winter:
Thinking About Hockey

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Table of Contents

"Periodizing Hockey History: One Approach" by Stephen Hardy and Andrew Holman

"Save our Team, Save our Game: Identity Politics in Two Canadian Novels" by Michael P. Buma

"Frank Merriwell on Skates: Heroes, Villains, Canadians and other Others in American Juvenile Sporting Fiction, 1890-1940" by Andrew Holman

"Stanley Cup / Superman" by Richard Harrison

"The Story of Hockey Photography in the Early 1950s" by David McNeil

"Boycotts, Brotherhood and More: International Hockey from Moscow to Colorado to Squaw Valley (1957-62)" by John Soares

"The Aboriginal Art of Wake-Swimming or the Media Mythologization of Jonathan Cheechoo" by Sam McKegney

"Here for a Little Pickup? Notes of Women's Shinny Hockey in Toronto Parks" by Anne Hartman

"Media Framing of the Other: Ice Hockey in the New Zealand Media" by E. D. (Ed) Mason

"Whatever Happened to the Organ and the Portrait of Her Majesty? NHL Spectating as Imaginary Carnival" by Brian Kennedy

"But what about my Feelings? Examining Edmonton Oilers Fan Reactions to Chris Pronger's Trade Demand from a Gift-Giving Perspective" by Craig G. Wyatt, William M. Foster, and Mark R. Julien

"You Said You Didn't Give a Fuck About Hockey: Popular Culture, The Fastest Game on Earth and the Imagined Canadian Nation" by Kelly Hewson


"Now is the Winter is a fresh and provocative contribution to the growing field of hockey studies . . .

The contributors to this collection are not only scholars but are also hockey lovers. This passion for the sport brings readability, humor, and optimism to the collection, all of which are an unfortunate rarity in academic writing. The work's optimism is best captured in the introduction's claim that the various essays speak to "the hope, tentative but real, that differences between self and other can truly become no more important than home and away hockey sweaters: costumes that make the game possible but that we take off again when the game that brought us together has done its work and it's time to talk about the play" (15).

You don't have to love hockey to love Now is the Winter. The insights gleaned are not limited to this single game. The book is multidisciplinary in the truest sense, with the contributors representing over a dozen fields of study, including Canadian Literature, Kinesiology, History, Creative Writing, Social Anthropology, Sport Management, Business, Indigenous Literatures, and Communications. Some essays consider hockey and popular culture in general terms, and some are as specific as the analysis of the 2006 trade of former Edmonton Oiler Chris Pronger."

Angie Abdou in Arete: The Journal of the Sport Literature Association.